First off, big thanks to Dog Ears and SWH3 for providing us with a keg of yummy beer (a LoneRider Winter IPA whose name I can't remember).
'twas a blustery cold evening, perfect for a holiday party. Scrabble alerted us of all the arrivals, and found a happy home in Rusty Poles lap (cats always like the non-cat people the best).
"Gingerbread" house making got off to a slow start, but Soiler & Face put in some quality time at the craft table and turned out some lovely homes. S&F perfected the 'nibble to size' method of finding the correct size graham pieces to put their creations together. Rusty Pole took issue with a missing part of Face's home, but she reassured him that it was part of the architectural design of her Southern California gingerbread home with a converted garage grow house. Jiggly Poof was up next, and after struggling to get his roof pitched correctly (there may have been a tragic collapse), settled for a ranch style roof with open garage. Just Kate & Chunky both made attempts to create something, and (sorry kids) failed. Spreads made a lovely boxcar. Note: chocolate graham crackers smeared with fluff & icing is DELICIOUS!
Glitter Puss whipped out his BIGGER BLACKER BOX and we were off! We played Cards Against Humanity until about 12:30a, when there was only a few wankers left. Spirit Fingers were merely mentioned and ALL of the 80's babies leaped at the chance to show off their best versions - No, No, THESE are spirit fingers!!
In case you were wondering, there are TWO versions of the fireplace on Netflix, one with the gentle crackle of the fire and the other includes holiday music.
Adventure Time!
Hey, did you know Dinosaurs (TGIF!) is on Netflix? We watched about 10min before Face finally called it quits and kicked the last of the remaining players out of the house.
Big thanks to everyone who brought snacks and/or pitched in for pizza.  Next time we'll plan that out better.
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