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What:First Wednesday Trail: Larrikins Campout Hangover Trail

Glitterpuss is awesome for many reasons, but one of the best is because he lets us have trail at his house. I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the two kegs of ours he's "holding" but hey, who really has that big of a kegerator? That may or may not have been a sexual euphemism, but I digress..

So we gathered! Slowly at first, but by 7PM we had a packed house and overflow into the garage. Everyone had scraped the pieces back together rather nicely after our long weekend in the woods, and no one looked worse for wear.

Unbeknownst to the pack, I had pre-laid an adventurous trail full of shiggy, danger, and excitement. We circled promptly at 7:17, introduced ourselves and dove in HEAD first. Trail twisted its way down to a rugged fence line, where it took a sharp turn and lead us over beautiful fields of short grass. On we pressed, crawling over the land in search of beer, and soon we were rewarded with an OTF! Happy hashers guzzled down and passed around delicious beer enthusiastically, but most of us decided to bring our vessels on trail so no one went without. After the can was crushed we pressed on, this time following a fence line behind some trees. Somewhere along this segment of trail titties and fornication were discussed, but the conversation was interrupted by another OTF! We had cum a long way but surprisingly there was more beer laid out for us to enjoy, and so we did. After destroying what's considered Australian for beer, we set off to finish what had been an amazing trail full of shiggy. Slowly we climbed out from the woods and back into a nice area of short grass, and found ourselves face to face with ON IN.

Not ones to waste time, we literally went straight into circle, and a great many things were celebrated. Visitors were formally welcomed and all need singing lessons except Family Friendly Fuck. All Up In Your Rectory received his hash necklace which he should probably take home and sterilize with fire. All those who peed in Dood's moat happily sat on the ice, as did all the hashers who helped put on this past weekend's shenanigans. Overall, a very successful trail and circle.

And then we celebrated. Circle descended into a lovely house party of the best people on the earth. Food was cooked and devoured in prompt fashion. Beer flowed freely from Glitter's tap (giggity). All-in-all, everyone who attended had a blast.

A big huge thanks to Glitter for hosting us. We are always very appreciative of your hospitality. Also a big thanks to Face Down for bringing all the leftover food. Another big thanks to Family Friendly Fuck, Snackrifice, Hollaco$t, And They're Off, and Ooo That Smell for traveling to Raleigh and hanging out with us. We really appreciate you visiting, and please know you're welcome back any time; Crash space is always available!

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