New Year's Eve
Dicktaphone and Self Service hosted a lovely new years gathering at their place. You may have never actually seen Dickta, as she was a tiny ball of energy rushing around keeping the house gorgeous and the guests fed and drunk. At one point we were standing around the kitchen counter and she stopped long enough to uncork a bottle of booze, smile at us, and whirl away. Isn't she adorbs?! Well done, Dickta! A lovely New Year's kiss was had (by everyone... right?) and after spending a solid 30 minutes gathering them all, Shag-A-Sore-Ass piled ALL the drunken hashers into the Shag-Wagon and to Face Down/Spreads we went. Just Kate was put to bed and the rest of us continued to party around her.

After sub-standard Belgium Waffles (his words, not mine) from Chunky and AWESOME bacon from Face, we were off to get ready for trail! Glitter took Just Kate back to her car at Dickta's and picked up Spon Cum. Glitter than called to inform us that Just Kate's car was not where she left it the night prior. At this point, it was brought to our attention by Chunky that he was brought home in Just Kate's car the night prior. Funny, as it wasn't mentioned to a single other person, nor did anyone notice it sitting out front all morning. Silly Hashers! Face Down wandered outside and confirmed that yes, said car was parked in front of the house. After Just Kate recovered from her rage hysteria, she collected herself and returned for...

What: Larrikins' First Wed of the Damn Year New Year's Trail!
Where: A to A from Spreads/FD place
Hares: Face Down No One to Blow & Chunky in the Back
Leg 1: and we were off! Twerk check was a fun time and your amazing hares wandered you in and around Brittany Woods and Lake Lynn before leading you to a beer check next to Lake Lynn.
Beer Check 1: cold beer and a refreshing elixir of Pedialyte and booze was enjoyed by all!
Leg 2: a twisty, turney trail with shiggy! Damn, Chunky and I are awesome hares.
Circle: NAMING!!! While our beloved ex-gm CC couldn't stay to attend trail, she left her mark with us by offering up the perfect name for Just Kate. Goodbye Just Kate, and welcome to the hash, Dood Where's My Car!! Waiting for Anal told a joke, lots of trail treasure was shared, and we all got a piece so that we could get inside and stuff our faces before...

What: Sir Walter's H3 New Years Day Trail!
Where: A to A somewhere in Durham
Hare: Endangered Feces
Pack: 16 LARRIKINS HASHERS! and some other people too, I guess :)
Leg 1: A long, winding trek through the woods! Somehow (5 hour energy) I ended up in the front of the pack and got hung up on a few long falses, including one through quite a bit of shin deep water. A few fun water crossings were had by all!
Beer Check: The Eagles and Turkeys thankfully met each other, all in strong need to quench their thirst, or more importantly, to stave off the sobriety that has been unable to find them since about 7p the night before.
Leg 2: The hares directed us back to start. While the second leg was short on actual trail, it was long on hash crashes! Packin' took not one, but 2 lovely dips into some very cold water, while Bristles was subjected to the doom of having a branch break off underneath of him, sending him tumbling into the water as well.
Circle: the pack stripped down to warm/dry clothes and a short and sweet circle was had.

What: PJ's, Pizza & Movies!
Where: annnd we return to the shit show that is Spreads/Face Down's place.
It was realized that in our rush to eat after the first trail of the day, we never announced new mismanagement! So we circled up again (no ice, thank god) and shared the news! All mismanagement wankers are announced and official. See for yourself. We all took turns showering, climbing into our comfiest PJ's, and snuggled up for pizza and movies. Glitter made us a DELICIOUS breakfast pizza!! TMNT didn't last long (drunkedness was still at a high), but like the children we are, we finally settled down and watched Fern Gully.
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