So no shit there we were, circled up on a side road nestled perfectly in some of RDU's best shiggy. Spreads very graciously yanked on the short straw, and And I Swallow volunteered to help her hare by showing up late (surprise!). With at least an hour of quality daylight left, we dove into the thick woods following a thinly laid trail until we happened upon a 40 of High Life and the marking OTF. Naturally we obliged, and after much foot tapping we were back on our way, strafing some poor rednecks hunting property.

Then, deep in the woods, we found the biggest, longest, thickest black pipe we had ever seen. We needed just one look to know we had to get it underneath us. As we struggled with it's length, we saw our favorite mark, "BB" and knew our pipe fun was about to cum to a climax. Upon reaching tip we were greeted with our hares and some much deserved beer.

Face Down and Like A Good Neighbor then took the flour bags, and after swilling our beers for a few more minutes the pack was hot on their heels. Well, for at least 100 yards. Then we hit the swamp. After navigating a much smaller, limper, thinner piece of wood, we then hit more swamp. Of course the only way to properly deal with swamp is by singing vulgar songs, so we regaled the snakes and frogs with ballads of Chicago retail sales, painful sex, and necrophilia. Emerging from the swamp a good deal wetter, and singing about our good friend Yogi, we began to realize that we were a far far way from start. Clues included Interstate 40 which was unexpectedly next to us. We continued to follow trail until we found our brave hares, who were self admittedly very much lost. And thus began the great Zenning.

With the pack reunited we began our return trip under the cover of darkness, vaguely aware of the direction we needed to go. After much stumbling, we emerged into a service cut and split up; most of the pack opting for the longer, safer route of following the service cut back to Airport Blvd, while some brave souls decided to Bee Line through the shiggy towards our cars. Finally, concluding a long dark journey, we all arrived safely back at Start where we found CPU waiting with bated breath for our return.

Glitterpuss lead a boisterous if not exhausted circle, and after much rejoicing about 12 of us descended upon Hooters to discover they have a kickass Wednesday special.

Thanks to all that attended, and a special Thank You to our visitors Like a Good Neighbor and Kung Fu Pussy Chu from Tidewater H3 for making the trip down to hash with us! We promise we don't always get lost, but when we do we drink Dos Equis.

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