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What: Larrikins' May 21014 Third Wednesday Trail

Where: No shit there we were, hidden away in the back corner of a completely unfinished neighborhood off Page Rd, surrounded by great shiggy and countless ticks. After a jovial round of introductions, Face Down yanked the short straw, and was graciously joined for the second time in a row by Spreads in the Sheets who apparently has a knack at finding the shortest phallic objects available. After a blessing full of flour, the duo set off into a sea of grass as the pack continued to drink. 

Leg 1: We were off, first through a very large and untamed field of tall grass and small brush, then into the deep dark woods! A few tit checks later the pack had fractured; one group committed to following flour into a massive patch of mud covered briars, the other (smarter) group zenned out to a service cut and went around. We all reconvened at a song check next to a very large creek where Minute Late bravely tested the waters and found it went up to his nipples. He also found out trail didn't go that way, and there was much rejoicing. Once our singing was complete, trail was found and the hares were spotted reclining gracefully under some high voltage power lines. And thus we beer breaked.

Leg 2: Sesame Creep and Time My Handjob took the flour and disappeared back into the woods while the pack finished their brew. Upon giving chase, we happened upon even more briars, and a much more transversable creek which the hares graciously let us cross multiple times. A few falses and many cuts and scrapes later we emerged onto a side street where Just Adam was captivated by a massive pipe laying on the ground, and then we checked our way into a cemetery! After singing Jack's praises, we needed but a few twists and turns to find our way On In.

Circle: Circle got off to a uneventful, jovial start, but wait! Who's that running down the street towards circle?! Is that.. no...... it IS! It's CPU!!! Unbeknownst to us (although her car was parked right next to circle), CPU had shown up late and made it as far as the creek, where she repeated Minute Late's research on water depth. Needless to say, she was soaking wet up to her nipples, but we did find out she wears matching Wonder Woman t-shirts and underwear. 

On-After: After circle we on-aftered at Page Road Grill where we scared a lot of middle class white people and also were met by Rusty Pole, Box Rot and Just Maria! Thanks to all that attended, and a very special Thank You to our visitors Mouth First Ass Questions Later and Texas Tonsil Tickler from SoPi H3 for driving up to with us!

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