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What: Welcome back to hashing on the fifth Wednesday!

As most of us woke up on this 5th Wednesday, we were greeted by 4 or more inches of snow. A wonderful, winter hashy experience awaited! Early hashers (yes, numerous hashers were early!) met inside Woody's. At meet up time, a snuggy bunch of hashers circled up in the side parking lot. Larrikin hats are in!

We were off to red flour and orange tape.. As we wandered lost at start, the red flour was found. This flour led us to a school playground we couldn't resist. From the slowest slide ever to a field of snow where a large penis was drawn, halfminds acted like the kids that should have attended this school today. Deciding to move on... flour was found that led us to the Upper Deck. With warmth and a few pitchers of beer, happy hashers sang songs.

Hares were off again... Temperatures dropped more more and the ice more treacherous. Trail is lost on some road somewhere. This icy road finds Gadget as she slips and ends up on her back. Meanwhile, hares were trying to send the pack to the Train Station... Spon Cum is successful in getting us kicked out before we arrived, so we detoured back to the Upped Deck. Some more drinks and good times and we were off to start.

Circle included virgins, visitors, and accusations ensued. Larrikin's hats were allowed to stay on, but when one Larrikin's hat drinks... All Larrikin's hats drink! On after was at Woody's.

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