What: A Very Special Larrikins Valentine's Day Trail!

Where: Durham! (416 Morris St)

Hares: Spreads in the Sheets & Face Down No One to Blow

Leg 1: And they were off! Directly to a Four Loko OTF. Pack wound around a busy downtown intersection, hopped a fence, crossed the train tracks, and found us all at the top of a parking garage...

Beer Break: extremely short lived on the top of the DPAC parking garage. Security was not happy about people "hanging out" in the garage.

Leg 2: Went right up and around DPAC where the pack mistook the caterers hobos storing wine bottles outside in the snow for another OTF and took one for the road. Then they promptly arrived at another OTF. A short jaunt around the Bull statue and back to start they arrived. Best Trail ever? Best trail ever.

Circle: COLD! ICY! Latecummer/visitors Bam Bam She's A Man, Hamwallet, Shaggy, and Wishboner sat on ice. A variety of accusations were handed out and everyone took a turn on the ice. Our visitors serenaded us with some lovely songs.

ON-AFTER: BURLESQUE AT MOTORCO!! Sexual Chocolate on tap, oysters on the half shell, and some lovely lady performances. Some hashers may of even found some innocent bystanders to have some extra fun with.

On-After-After: HOT TUB PARTY at Rusty Box's. Box Rot graciously put up with us 'till about 3:00am when she finally made us shut up and go to bed. My hangover thanks you for not letting me stay up any later.

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