We are Carolina Larrikins Hash House Harriers (or H3 for short).

The hash, as people call it, is often identified as “a drinking club with a running problem.”

Wanna know more?

If you like to drink beer, socialize, and move around outside, then come be a part of Hash House Harriers! You don’t need to be athletic (runners and walkers of all abilities are welcome), but you do need a good sense of humor and a willingness for adventure and fun.

More about us:

We meet up on the first and third Wednesday (some special events held on Saturdays) of each month to r*n, drink some beer, and just be social with fellow hashers. If there is a fifth Wednesday in a month, we will have a social. Find info on this site, email, or on Facebook!

Already established/traveling through?

Larrikins is a short-straw pick-up hash, travelers and newbies won’t be made to hare (unless you really want to 😉 ). Flour, ice, and chalk will be provided for the kennel each week. All you have to bring is your beer, a $1 hash cash (again not you newbies), a vague idea of your location, and your sense of humor and thirst for adventure.

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Read more about hashing here.