Meet the Mismanagement


Who Are We?

We are the Carolina Larrikins Mismanagement team. We work behind the scenes to make sure that the hash continues to happen from fortnight to fortnight, regardless of the wankers who show. Our job is to make sure that all Larrikins members can have a happy, drunk, safe (safety third) time at every hash and event.[/one_third]

[two_thirds_last] [bar_graph] [bar title=”Our general incompetence level” percent=”69″ id=”b1″] [bar title=”Our enthusiasm for tasty beverages” percent=”100″ id=”b2″] [bar title=”Our love for super shiggy trails” percent=”100″ id=”b3″] [bar title=”Percent of time we will get it 100% right” percent=”70″ id=”b4″] [bar title=”Percentage of ‘sick days’ taken after trail” percent=”13″ id=”b5″] [/bar_graph] [/two_thirds_last]

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