WHAT: CLH3 – Swallow’s Strawberry D-Lite – Third Wednesday Hash #69!

Did you know that this Wednesday is a Strawberry Moon? This fact, combined with the fact that he’s been slacking from hosting and haring lately, means that Swallows is cooking up a sweet and fruity trail, at least in his mind. It is, after all, a Larrikins’ short straw[berry] start, but those things can be rigged.

Bring your shortcake, Boone Farm’s delayed-headache-in-a-bottle, and the 2nd-worst worst-flavored kool-aid.

Show up at 6:30 to our good location with parking, circle, etc. going with these coordinates:
35.783637, -78.691487.  The address may come up as 3921 Sherman Ave.

WHEN: June 15th, 2022.  Meet up around 6:30pm. Hares away around 7:00ish, pack off shortly after.

WHERE: 35.783637, -78.691487 – 3921 Sherman Ave.

BRING THE NORMAL STUFF: $1 hash cash, beer (none provided at circle), vessel, virgins, shiggy socks, light emitting device, riff-raff, 100% DEET, alcoholic beverages, ivy block, virgins, ID, change of clothes, bug spray, towel, beer.

Cash and ID are possibly needed. Check the map and think about routes.

ON-AFTER: Mitch’s Tavern.