Carolina Larrikins IRONMAN Challenge

The Carolina Larrikins IRONMAN Challenge is THE triathlon of liquor. The rules are simple and similar to the real IRONMAN.

To complete the IRONMAN Challenge, you must do the following:
2.4 ounces of liquor (vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, etc. Nothing less than 70 proof)
112 ounces of beer (aka 10 12-oz. cans)
and 26.2 ounces of wine (or roughly a bottle)

  • You have 17 hours to complete the challenge.
  • You MUST drink your beverages in the proper order
  • Unplanned puking will not disqualify you, but it will make you a pussy.
    (forced puking WILL get you disqualified)

[pricing_table columns=”4″]

[pricing_column title=”LIQUOR” price=”2.4″  currency_symbol=”ounces” interval=”nothing less than 70 proof”]


[pricing_column title=”BEER”  price=”112″ currency_symbol=”ounces” interval=”aka 10 12-oz. cans” ]


[pricing_column title=”WINE” price=”26.2″  currency_symbol=”ounces” interval=”roughly a bottle”]


[pricing_column title=”TIME” price=”17″  currency_symbol=”hours” interval=”it’s a marathon, not a sprint”]



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