Harriettes Speak Up

This is a PSA that EVERY hasher from EVERY kennel needs to read

Recently, a number of Harriettes have voiced concerns about experiences from events and camp outs this calendar year. A surprising amount of uncomfortable situations regarding sexual harassment, unsolicited advancements & pressuring, and unwanted late night/early morning tent intrusions were discussed.

One of the keys to the hashing lifestyle is allowing every participant to have the freedom and comfort to be who they are in a welcoming environment, safe from unwanted touching or harassment.

While most of these incidences have been directed at Harriettes, the below points should be understood and followed by every hasher, regardless of sexual orientation or gender:

• Never touch anyone unless you are explicitly given permission
• ‘No’ doesn’t mean ‘convince me’
• Stay out of other people’s tents unless otherwise told
• All Hashers should have the absolute right to run around naked, hang out with friends naked,
or pass out drunk & naked, and not have to worry about their safety or personal space.

If you are guilty of any of the behavior outlined above, it needs to stop and not resume. You know who you are; so do we. If the behavior continues, we will ban your from our events.

If you are feeling pressured or uncomfortable by a situation you are in: do not be afraid to say “No” and express boundaries. You are surrounded by your family at hash events and camp outs, and you have a ton of support and help within earshot if your situation becomes uncomfortable. And we WILL come help if need be. Don’t let someone push you around or put you in a situation you don’t want to be in, no matter how drunk you are.

If you see it, stop it. Speak up. Speak out. Prevent.
Respect yourself and respect others, and we will all have a good time.

Harriettes representing Kennels from all of the East Coast

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